About Us

Helen Leaman, CEO


 Welcome to Leaman Boutique; founded in 2019 by Helen Leaman.  Our business is about providing high-quality products and services to our customers. It is owned and operated independently. We offer unbeatable prices and the hottest trend styles. At Leaman’s, we are always on the lookout for the latest and forward styles. Leaman boutique is for the Woman of Influence who loves dressing up often called Extra or Overdressed! She has class and poise. She appears confident from without and within. She embraces her body whether she is slender, thick, or curvy. Leaman Boutique is for all women who believe that beauty is more than just a word; it’s a lifestyle.

 We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we do! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



 Leaman Boutique

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